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Grow your sales and add your products to Xclusives Shop

Free products listing for all Luxury Brands subject to approval of products.

Luxury Xclusives retains 5% of all items sold through our platform.

As a brand you take care of all shipping and logistics. We deal with all the marketing.

You deal directly with the client once an order is confirmed to arrange shipping and delivery timelines.

Funds are remitted to your account within 24hours of payment clearing our business account to allow you to ship in time to the customer.

Should goods delivered to the client be of sub-standard, expired or of sub-Standard quality than what is advertised you may be blacklisted and removed from the Luxury Xclusives platform.

All product images must be High-Res and must of size 800px x 800px (to allow standardisation).


Creating market access for your products in Africa and Internationally.

Luxury Xclusives will do all the marketing for the platform while you focus on getting your products available and ready to market.

Transparency in our transaction fee. We only retain 5% of the items sold only through our platform.

Listing for your luxury products in Luxury Exclusives Shop is free of charge.

Be part of defining the next luxury brands from Africa by listing your products in a platform that focuses on High-end and Luxury products only

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