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Art, Whisky Tops Big Spending Passion in Kenya

The allure of a good life and taste for the finer things in life that money can buy has taken root in Kenya as the number of millionaires grows. Kenya’s high-net-worth individuals though relatively reserved being in a country where the poverty rate stands at 36 per cent, they are investing in exotic homes and joining a small breed of wealthy people across the globe who spend fortunes in the rarest and most grandeur objects of desire like whiskies, limited edition coins, classic cars, art, stamps …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Hosting & Toasting With All Things French on Bastille Day

  You may not be able to make it to Paris or France this year to celebrate but Bastille Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate all things French from the comfort of your own home by hosting a weekday soirée for those in your lockdown ménage – champagne glass in hand and cheese platter just in reach! In honour of France’s national holiday on Tuesday July 14th, here’s our guide on how to create your own Bastille Day celebration at home, to host, toast, pair and say “oui, oui, oui!” to all thi …

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