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Fashion Trends From The 80s And 90s Making A Comeback

  There is nothing new under the sun, some philosophists (if there is such a word) have boldly declared. While millennials can come and debunk that philosophy by saying, WIFI, AI and a whole new load of 21st century tech stuff like cloud computing, driverless cars and lidar what what, truth is trends come and go in most cases. The fashion and beauty industry has evolved over the years. Looking at those old black and white photos, you can see that in the old golden days(like what the old fol …

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Xylo Belt Bags – Simple, Sylish and Convenient

  Cape Town,  June 2020- In a pre-covid era, the worst thing you could do was leave the house without your phone or purse but these days, we wouldn’t dare leave without our face mask and hand sanitizer- maybe even a travel-sized pack of disinfectant wipes too. Whilst these essential items are now our top priority, there is still the hesitation and apprehension around lugging all our belongings around in public. If you’re searching for a chic, sleek and safe way to keep your go-to supplies h …

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