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  We catch up with the Colleen Murray Owner and creative director of Lily Label powerhouse as she unpacks some of the secrets to her company’s success. When did the entrepreneur bug bite you? I think I’ve always known I would start my own business, even from a young age, it was a natural progression with both my parents being entrepreneurs. Once I completed my undergrad in fashion, I did my post-grad in entrepreneurship and then proceeded to start Lily. I am a very independent person and pa …

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Africa Fashion International (AFI) Designers Unite

  5 May, Sandton, South Africa. Given the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses, especially SMEs, AFI has partnered with AFI fashion designers to support the most vulnerable workers in this sector and assist the designers with business continuity. The partnership will help fashion designers and their respective employees (i.e. seamstresses and patternmakers), and fabrics distributors, maintain employment by receiving payment for the production of needed public facemask …

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Fashion Trends From The 80s And 90s Making A Comeback

  There is nothing new under the sun, some philosophists (if there is such a word) have boldly declared. While millennials can come and debunk that philosophy by saying, WIFI, AI and a whole new load of 21st century tech stuff like cloud computing, driverless cars and lidar what what, truth is trends come and go in most cases. The fashion and beauty industry has evolved over the years. Looking at those old black and white photos, you can see that in the old golden days(like what the old fol …

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Louis Vuitton New Leather Line LV Pont 9

The LV Pont 9 shoulder bag is Louis Vuitton’s latest embodiment of effortless Parisian chic and a symbol of its ongoing commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. Perfect for both everyday and special occasions, this new design takes its name from Paris’ Pont Neuf, the oldest and most celebrated bridge that sits opposite Louis Vuitton’s headquarters in Paris.  It also marks the first release of the House’s new LV Pont 9 leather line. The bag’s refined, rounded design is brought to life in smooth, li …

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