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Escape to the Yacht: Things To Consider When Buying A Yacht

An impulse buyer I know one day woke up owning a yacht he didn’t want, need or liked. He had been drunk the previous night and the broker he was drinking with had successfully convinced him he needed a yacht and since he is what I call independently wealthy (he doesn’t count the last coin like the rest of us) he had given the broker his phone and asked him to transfer some money as a down payment for the yacht he didn’t need, want or like. While my friend tried by all means to get out of that de …

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Life After COVID 19 – A holiday with Club Med

  Life as we know it has completely changed and the world at large has had to adjust to a ‘new normal’. We are living in unprecedented times with the world under attack from the global pandemic that is the Corona Virus and many people are living in a state of fear, with their mindsets and priorities largely changed. Be that as it may, life will go on and eventually the world will open its borders. After weeks of being stuck in the house, anyone would jump at the opportunity to get away. Tha …

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